PrologueNYX (Final Fantasy XV: KINGSGLAIVE)
0.5 A Hero is BornRumpelstiltskin in Love (Once Upon a Time OST)
1. Fae High CouncilEnd of the World (Kingdom Hearts OST)
2. Who Laughed?Cenred’s Kingdom (BBC Merlin OST)
3. Forest WrongSignificance Nothing (NieR: Automata OST)
4. CousinsLost in the Wind (Legend of Zelda: Nayru’s Love—Rozen Cover)
5. Good Vibes OnlySorcery (Frozen OST)
6. Graveyard ConflictSelf Defense (Venom OST)
8. The Goblin MarketCity Ruins [Shade] (NieR: Automata OST)
9. The UnSeelie Palace of SpringAsgard (Thor: The Dark World OST)
12. Inside the Faerie Ring (Nos)6 Inch (Lemonade – Beyonce)
13. Inside the Faerie Ring (Arlo)Ragamuffin (The Witcher OST)
13.5 I Think it’s Time You Call Me LetheThe End of Memories (Folklore OST)
15. Of High Kings and Philosopher’s StonesThe Emperor (Star Wars: The Sith Symphony—Lucas King Cover)
16. Goblin WarsOtherworld (Final Fantasy X OST)
16.5 Lethe Tells a StoryThe Promised Land (Final Fantasy VII Remake OST)
17. Darkness becomes the CN Tower Mermaids (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides OST)
20. The HiraethForest Temple (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
20. The AssistanceInto Your Heart and Mind (The Dragon Prince OST)
22. Goblin Wars Part IIThe World that Ends in Three Days (Legend of Zelda: Children of Termina—Rozen)
22. A Hunter to the RescueMain Theme (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla OST)
23. A Reaper on the DanforthDark Colossus (NieR: Automata OST)
24. Flowers Blooming in the Alley (Good Night Nos)Face my Fears [Instrumental] (Kingdom Hearts World of Tres Orchestral version)
25. The Wild HuntCaptive in Cobalt (Final Fantasy XV OST)*
26. Do You Know Why I Brought You HereThe Rains of Castamere (Game of Thrones—Tina Guo Cover)
27. RollDawn (Final Fantasy XV OST)
27.5 Hero’s VowA Swan Song (For Nina) (Black Swan OST)
28. Desert InfiltrationRivers in the Desert [instrumental] (Persona 5 OST)
30. The FacilityThe Shinra Building (Final Fantasy VII Remake OST)*
31. The Lower DeepHelix of Insanity (Final Fantasy XV OST)
32. Final ChamberGLaDOS’ Awakening (Portal 2 OST)
32. + 33. Battle RoyaleMolgera (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time—Theophany Cover)
35. A Dark and Hollow StarA Promise to Keep (Final Fantasy XV: KINGSGLAIVE OST)
EpilogueThe Queen’s Curse (Once Upon A Time OST)

*Available only on Spotify/Apple Music
*Spotify playlist coming soon

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