A Dark and Hollow Star

Simon & Schuster/Margaret K. McElderry Books (North America) FEBRUARY 23rd 2021
Hodder & Stoughton (UK) FEBRUARY 25th 2021

A DARK AND HOLLOW STAR is the first instalment in a planned f/f, m/m series. CITY OF BONES meets THE CRUEL PRINCE, it tells the story of four queer teenage folk and the tentative alliance they’re forced to form in order to stop a mysterious, deadly alchemist, whose use of forbidden magic begins to threaten more than the peace and secrecy of the hidden Courts of Fae.

Content Warnings include: anger, arson, blood/gore, body horror (minor), death of a child, depression, disownment, divorce, drug use/addiction, grief/grieving, human trafficking, poverty, psychopathy, stalking, suicide (past, off-page), suicidal ideation, toxic relationship/manipulation, trauma/PTSD, racism, violence/gun violence

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“Beautifully written and deliciously complex, A Dark and Hollow Star is utterly engrossing. The magic is bloody, the humor sharp, and the murder mystery drenched in violence and intrigue. Like a fallen Fury set on vengeance, I couldn’t get enough.”
  — Nicki Pau Preto, author of the Crown of Feathers series

“A gripping flight into fantasy… The plot offers high stakes, simmering romantic tension, political drama, refreshingly casual representation of queer and transgender characters, and an intriguing magic system that draws inspiration from Dungeons & Dragons.”Kirkus

“First in a planned duology, Shuttleworth’s queer urban fantasy debut combines figures from Greek myth and European folklore with elements of tabletop RPGs…. Shuttleworth sensitively tackles the plot’s darker elements, including trauma and suicidal ideation, tempering them with tenderness and wry wit. A kaleidoscopic narrative adds depth and drive.”  — Publishers Weekly

“Highly entertaining… tongue-in-cheek pop-culture references and snarky humour balance well with dark but sensitive portrayals of negligent adults. The clever world-building, romantic undercurrents, and high-stakes plot … should be a hit” —Booklist

“A promising opener to an urban faerie fantasy series featuring multiple queer identities.”SLJ

The narrative is populated with queer and transgender characters, making the novel a positive and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ readers and reflecting diversity in our world. The combination of European folklore, Greek myth, and all manner of magical creatures and abilities against the backdrop of modern-day Toronto makes for a delightful urban fantasy narrative… Overall, A Dark and Hollow Star is an impressive urban fantasy debut that will likely be a hit with fans of Holly Black, Leigh Bardugo, and Cassandra Clare.” —Canadian Review of Materials


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A Cruel and Fated Light

Simon & Schuster/Margaret K. McElderry Books (North America) May 24th 2022
Hodder & Stoughton (UK) May 2022

A Cruel and Fated Light is the sequel to the f/f, m/m YA Urban Fantasy, A DARK AND HOLLOW STAR. It follows Arlo, Nausicaa, Aurelian, and Vehan as they delve even deeper into the plot of philosopher’s stones and scheming immortals, in the home of a queen with secrets even deadlier than she is.

CONTENT WARNINGS: anger, arson, blood/gore, depression, grief (loss of loved one), miscarriage (past, off-page), parental abuse/neglect, psychopathy, self-harm (past, moderate-description), suicide (past, off-page), suicide (present, on-page, moderate-description)*, suicide ideation

*A CRUEL AND FATED LIGHT portrays on-page a character who dies by suicide. While not a graphic description, the act and resulting impact on certain characters may be extremely triggering for readers. Currently, this scene occurs during CHAPTER 24

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“A Dazzling sequel with enough tantalizing court intrigue, reveals, and secrets to keep you on the edge of your seat. Shuttleworth expertly expands the beautiful and cruel world of the fae with rich worldbuilding and intricate character work in this must-read follow up to A Dark and Hollow Star.” ~ Liselle Sambury, author of BLOOD LIKE MAGIC

“A trail of clues tightly intertwines the world’s history with the present conflict between the fae courts, ironborn alchemists, and immortals. The exploration of trauma and recovery is as significant as the overarching fantasy plot. Casual, affirming representation of queerness–as well as the process of questioning sexuality–adds to the high appeal of the fraught, romantic drama. The villain is deliciously ruthless in her charisma and cruelty.
A ferocious fantasy.”
~KIRKUS reviews

A Grim and Sunken Vow

Simon & Schuster/Margaret K. McElderry Books (North America) September 26th, 2023

A GRIM AND SUNKEN VOW is the 3rd instalment in The Hollow Star Saga, continuing the story of Arlo, Nausicaa, Aurelian, Vehan, and Celadon–Five budding legacies who will need more than luck if they hope to stand a chance against the greatest adversary the Courts have faced. For nothing’s more dangerous than a faerie tale… except the one who tells it, and maybe what they’re going to need is no longer that story’s hero but villain.

CONTENT WARNINGS: anger, arson, blood/gore, body horror, depression, grief (loss of loved one), grooming, parental abuse/neglect, psychopathy, PTSD, character death, self-harm (past, moderate-description), suicide (past, off-page), suicide ideation, torture, torture of a minor



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Simon & Schuster/Margaret K. McElderry Books (North America) 2024

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