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To celebrate the release of my debut, YA Fantasy A DARK AND HOLLOW STAR I have a few truly exciting things in store for readers

The first of which it is my immense pleasure to finally announce: A DARK AND HOLLOW STAR’s Pre-Order Campaign

What this is: Any point from the time A DARK AND HOLLOW STAR was first posted as available to pre-order, until end of day February 22nd 2021, all who purchase in advance from a legitimate bookseller OR place a library request for/reserve a copy of A DARK AND HOLLOW STAR are invited to submit proof of advance purchase/request in exchange for a small collections of book-related goodies.

**NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY–both pre-orders and library requests receive the same goodies

**Rules subject to change at Author’s (Ashley Shuttleworth’s) discretion

**Author not responsible for lost packages


Yes — Open internationally
Yes — physical copy, audiobook, and electronic copy are all viable pre-orders/requests PROVIDED they come from a legitimate bookseller (i.e your local indie, your local library, Bookshop, Indigo, B&N, Amazon, etc.)
Yes — you CAN submit multiple times, but only once per receipt. If you pre-order/request multiple times, each receipt submitted will receive its own allottment of goodies provided there is a time stamp OR clear proof of multiple copies on submitted receipts. (Please make note in email if you are submitting more than one receipt)
No — you cannot submit after end of day February 22nd 11:59PM UNLESS your receipt shows date and time of purchase/reservation prior to February 22nd 11:59PM

** (edit: 2021-01-02) No–subscription book boxes are not included at this time for reasons I’m not allowed to publicly announce just yet, but rest assured you have not been forgotten

What is included in this Goodie Bundle?

All who submit will receive:
*1 signed bookplate
* 4 rack-card sized character cards, 1 of each of the 4 main characters in A DARK AND HOLLOW STAR

** (2021-01-02 edit) DUE TO VOLUME: Pre-order incentives will be mailed out in batches over the course of a couple months starting March 2021. I will ensure everyone who submits to this receives an incentive pack! I just didn’t expect so many people to care lol. I will reply to all emails sent with confirmation of shipment to take the guessing work out of when you’ll get your pack. Thank you SO MUCH for this enthusiastic response and please bear with me while I fulfill these orders

How to submit:

Please send to your:
*First Name
*Last Name
*Mailing Address
*copy of proof of purchase/library request (ie. screen shot/photo) inserted into the email (no attachments please)

(Note: none of the personal information provided to Ashley Shuttleworth via their email will be used for any purpose other than to send A DARK AND HOLLOW STAR’s pre-order campaign goodies. None of the personal information provided will be shared by Ashley Shuttleworth with any party secondary to author and postal service required to mail the agreed upon pre-order campaign goodies. None of the personal information provided will be sold to any party. Submission of personal information to author’s above provided email is agreement for author to use included information to deliver pre-order campaign goodies, and no further. Above email is not Ashley Shuttleworth’s contact address and should not be used for any purpose other than this pre-order campaign)

The Goods:

I’ve been tremendously fortunate in the opportunity to commission Canadian artist Nikkie Stinchcombe (LittlePaperForest on Instagram and Twitter) to create some absolutely stunning character art of A DARK AND HOLLOW STAR’s 4 main characters. Honestly, I’m completely blown away by the breathtaking talent here, the beauty in which she rendered my chaos children and these cards, when they’re printed, look so damn good on the wall–just saying

Art credit Nikkie Stinchcombe
Art credit Nikkie Stinchcombe
Art Credit: Nikkie Stinchcombe
Character cards art credit: Nikkie Stinchcombe
Cover art used for bookmark: Christophe Young

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