Anti-Racism Resources

because it’s not enough (or even true) to simply say “I’m not racist”

The Problem

We live in a collective society that privileges white people and the white experience. It does this in ways that are so ingrained in the very fabric of our daily lives that white people often don’t recognise the signs of it, even when it’s right in front of us. From things like labelling light tones as the default “nude tights” and “nude make-up”, to being able to enter conflict with law-enforcement and not have to immediately fear for your life, white people have been conditioned and groomed and propped up by systemic racism–a system designed to benefit white privilege above anyone else. This means that the uncomfortable truth is that even the nicest, best-meaning white person practices racism, intentionally or not. And this is something we need to come to terms with, to recognise and admit to, if we truly wish to change a cycle that’s trapped us in hate and harm for generations.

The Steps

Defeating racism starts with being actively anti-racist. It means educating yourself, on what racism is; on what white supremacy is; on the ways you as a white person benefit from the society in which you live and passing this education on to your friends and family. It means supporting creators of colour/voices of colour/people of colour–reading books they write, watching shows they produce, listening to speeches they give. Being actively anti-racist means standing up against acts of racism you witness, donating to organizations designed to help people of colour (if you can), and amplifying the voices of people of colour speaking their feelings and experiences–not talking over them, not interrupting them, not attacking them and telling them they’re wrong when they’re doing hard work for white people, and spending the emotional energy on helping white people understand what’s going on. Be the change you wish to be in the world, if you wish to become a true ally

The Materials

Anti-Racism For Beginners (via the BLM Carrd)
Anitracist Allyship Starterpack (via the BLM Carrd)
Systemic Racism Explained (Youtube video via the BLM Carrd)
Black Lives Matter Carrd (for links, resources, and places of donation)
Black Lives Matter website
Asian Awareness Project Carrd
Asian Awareness Project Website

#BlackLivesMatter #StopAsianHate

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